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What is Perfect Meal Plans all about?

Perfect Meal Plans is all about getting you on the right path toward a healthier lifestyle. We know and understand how hard and overwhelming it can be to do this on your own, so we have created a program that takes the guesswork out of eating healthy, REAL food.

We believe in keeping clean, healthy eating SIMPLE. Most of our Perfect Meals are based on the foundations of the Paleo diet and follow a Perfect Meal macronutrient ratio that will help you turn "on" your lean switch in no time.

What does eating REAL food mean anyway?

REAL food is food that grows out of the earth, or in the water, or from a tree or bush. REAL food comes from animal and dairy sources too. It’s how our ancestors have eaten for thousands of years, and how our bodies need to be fueled in order to operate at optimal levels and be full of vibrant energy throughout the day. These foods include real eggs, beef, all vegetables, greens, fruit, nuts and seeds, and many types of healthy oils and spices

Unfortunately, with grocery store shelves overflowing with processed foods, it’s harder than ever to follow a healthy diet and feed your family REAL food.

So what to do?

A good place to start with eating REAL food is to adopt most of the principles in the well-researched Paleo diet, while keeping the combination of macronutrients at an optimal level. Following a diet that keeps you full, nourished and satisfied, AND keeps your insulin levels low is the way to go. Struggling on where and how to start? Join our 7-Day Kick Start Challenge NOW and start eating Real Food and experiencing Real Results.

Turn ON Your ‘Lean Switch’ TODAY

Over the last decade, nutrition researchers have found that there is a specific method to build meals that will allow your body to naturally become leaner and stronger, resulting in effortless weight loss.

By assembling meals with the right amount of healthy fats, good carbs, and muscle building protein, you will be working with your body’s biochemistry to create that natural lean look you want.

A perfect meal is broken down into 3 core building blocks, often referred to as Macronutrients: Healthy Fats, Lean Protein, and Good Carbs. Although you can combine these 3 macronutrients into an endless array of gastronomic possibilities, there is only one Perfect Meal, and here is what it looks like:

  • 65% healthy fats
  • 25% lean protein
  • 10% good carbs

The reason behind...

You might be asking yourself what’s the reason behind this perfect 65%, 25% and 10% macronutrient ratio? The answer has to do with biochemistry and they way your body works. Inside your body is a hormone called insulin, THE master fat burning and fat storage hormone. When insulin is HIGH you STORE fat. When it’s LOW, you BURN fat. This is the reason why you want a diet that keeps you full, nourished and satisfied, AND keeps your insulin levels low.

So what do you need in your diet to achieve this?

1. 65% Good Fats

  • They make you feel full, give you long lasting energy and eliminate brain fog.
  • When combined with minimal carbs, they teach your body to use fat for fuel. This is EXACTLY what you want. Once your body burns through the fat you eat, it starts melting the fat from your belly, hips, thighs and other flab catching locations.

2. 25% Lean Protein

  • They protect and maintain your muscles and allow your body to function at optimal levels.
  • When you eat more protein than your body needs, the extra protein turns into glucose, which is basic sugar. Sugar causes your insulin levels to increase which, in turn, causes you to store fat.

3. 10% Healthy Carbs

  • Veggies, nuts and some fruits, give you the vitamins and nutrients you’ve missed by eating processed carbs.
  • Keeping the total carbs low forces your body to use fat for fuel and keeps your insulin levels in a healthy range all day long.

When you start eating like this consistently...

When you start eating like this consistently, your body will go through a period of adjustment that may last from a few days up to a few weeks. Once your body adjusts, you may begin to:

  • Feel fuller, longer- which will help you curb cravings
  • Wake up fully rested and have long lasting energy throughout the day
  • Eliminate many digestive issues such as bloating and gas
  • Boost your vitamin and mineral intake
  • Reduce inflammation in your joints
  • Keep your blood sugar low and constant

Putting it all together

You have seen the amazing benefits of sticking to a Perfect Meal Plan. You know the precise macro-nutrient ratios upon which to build your Perfect Meals. You are now ready to build these meal plans yourself.

Or are you? This is what you would have to do:

  • Find a recipe database
  • Look up the grams of all the fats, proteins, and carbs in each food item
  • Adjust the amount of each food item so that the percentages are correct
  • Spend 20–30 minutes putting together EACH meal

Yes...building your own perfect meals every week can be done...but it is VERY time consuming and laborious. Just imagine going through this process for three meals a day, seven days a week. That’s 21 meals! Plus, the time you will need to figure out the ingredients and go shopping for every meal! As you can see, it is a LOT of work.

So if you’d rather spend that time doing something you really enjoy AND still get all the benefits of having 7 days of Perfect Meals planned out for you, then join our 7-Day Kick Start Challenge NOW and start eating Real Food and experiencing Real Results.

7-Day Kickstart Challenge


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