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“I have lost 28 lbs. and my wife has lost 22 lbs. in the past five weeks.” I had a doctor’s visit and the nurse told me my blood pressure was at a dangerous level and I needed to do something about it. Fortunately when I returned home and turned on my computer and there was your ad. Five weeks later my blood pressure is down from a high of 175/105 to 115/76. In addition to this, my doctor told me two days ago that my blood sugar is normal. My wife loves the convenience of the grocery list and the recipes, plus the meals are really good and the portions are more than satisfying. We are definitely recommending Perfect Meal Plans to our friends, and some have already purchased it and experiencing success as well. Thank you Perfect Meal Plans!
Richard Gosselin - Fort Laramie, WY read more
“Perfect Meal Plans lives up to its claims!” At first, I was hesitant to sign up thinking that meal pre was going to be difficult, ingredients would cost too much, and I would have to make a drastic change in my diet. I was wrong! I was able to lose weight and the meals were not difficult to prepare. I love the tasty results with the resultant weight loss. I definitely recommend this program!
Pauline MacDonald - Las Vegas, NV read more
“Perfect Meal Plans is the best! I’m on my 5th week and very excited!” I always fail at dieting because when I’m hungry I don’t know what to eat, so I end up eating whatever I find, but with Perfect Meal Plans I have not suffered from hunger. I love my shopping lists because now I have no excuses about not having what I need for my meals. Plus having a cheat day really helps! When I really want something I know I will have it on Sunday. I DEFINITELY recommend Perfect Meal Plans
Laura Lozano - San Diego, CA read more
"With Perfect Meal Plans there was no obstacle!" I was able to prepare meals that were not my usual meals. I love the grocery list, the pantry items and the breakdown of the serving stats. I would definitely recommend Perfect Meal Plans!
Joan C. Preer - Chicago, IL read more
“Thanks to Perfect Meal Plans, I found great recipes that my family and I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.” I have even ramped up some of them and made enough for my whole family to enjoy. I like the fact that I’m helping the people I care about get healthy.
Samantha Phillips - Harlingen, TX read more
“Now I don’t have to worry about creating nutritious combinations for my meals, plus I’m saving time every day.” At first I hesitated to sign up due to the cost of the monthly membership, but then realized how great it is to have menus already planned out, plus these meals are quick and easy to prepare. Now I don’t have to worry about creating nutritious combinations for my meals, plus I’m saving time every day. I definitely recommend Perfect Meal Plans to anyone who wants to save time and eat healthy!
Katherine Whiteley - Mobile, AL read more
“Love the menus and grocery shopping lists! Great for a busy executive like me.” I have recommended Perfect Meal Plans to all people in my office, and they all appreciate the recommendation.
Sharon Percy - Lowell, IN read more
“A very doable plan” I really like having all grocery lists and meals planned out. Great tasting recipes that are simple, with straight-forward instructions. I definitely recommend Perfect Meal Plans!
Peggy Samuels - Ocala, FL read more
“I have been on this program for a week and already lost 4 lbs.!” The feature that I like the most about Perfect Meal Plans is the simplicity of the program, plus recipes are so easy to read and follow. I definitely recommend it!
Lourdes Diaz - Vineland, NJ read more
“I have managed to drop 23 lbs. eating meals that I like.” The desire to lose weight and get off some (if not all) of my meds was a driving factor to sign up for Perfect Meal Plans. So far, I have managed to drop 20 to 23 pounds eating meals that I like, plus I also enjoy doing the cooking and multiplying out the meals for my whole family to enjoy. The complete plan is great: grocery lists, meal plans and recipes are all very attractive, helpful and very tasty. The program has made me research the value of different spices, fruits and vegetables and how they specifically affect my body and health. The best part is, I have dropped 3 inches off my waist, 1-1/2" on my neck and my BMI has dropped. My personal physician is VERY impressed with what I have done! I have recommended Perfect Meal Plans to several people.
Donald Bigelow - Throop, PA read more
“I have lost 6 pounds and really love the food!” At first I was concerned about cost, but the meals use only a few ingredients and are so easy to make. I love the shopping lists as well.
Wanda R. Hundley - Carmichael, CA read more
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